About Us

Our Strategy

Since 1999, our time-tested strategy produces effective, efficient and scalable technology solutions. We have developed a consistent approach to delivering value to our Clients.  ProfitComm's methodology equips our Clients with sustainable competitive advantage, by saving them time, money, and enhancing support.

Our Approach - We CARE


Billing Data, Diagrams and Needs Assessments


Trends, Bench Marking and Technology Shifts


Effective Solutions


Project Plan

Our Savings Model

Platform Analysis

ProfitComm will analyze your current infrastructure and determine opportunities for savings by changing technologies.

Competitive Analysis

By leveraging ProfitComm's extensive industry relationships, our Clients secure the most competitive prices for services.  We don't guess the market prices, we know them.

Operational Efficiencies

By streamlining your company’s technology support processes, providing a single point of contact for all service and billing issues, ProfitComm delivers substantial savings.