4 Ways Contact Center as a Service Makes Your Customers Happy

Some of us (myself included) are old enough to remember the days of waiting on hold for 45 minutes to get a call center agent to dispute a $4.99 charge on a phone bill. Luckily that’s not a thing anymore–or at least it shouldn’t be a thing anymore. With Contact Center technologies, you can reach your customers or prospective customers across any medium the way that THEY want to reach you. Chat, SMS, e-mail, phone, social media are all part of the omni-channel experience to meet each customer’s unique style of communication and be more efficient. Here are 4 ways Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) makes your customers happy. 

Meet Your Customers Where They Are 

Everybody is different and what works from one person might not work best for somewhere else. With CCaaS, customers can call if they want to speak to a representative, they can email if their issue isn’t urgent, or they can web chat if they don’t want to call. The more options that we offer our customers, the more likely they are to communicate with us in a way that feels easy and helpful for them. 

Use Technology to Make Finding Information Easier

The AI technologies that CCaaS offers today can make finding the right information easier for your customers. For example, someone might have a question that is in the FAQ section of your website. But, they have to scroll and search, and maybe they can’t find it easily. With ChatBots, a customer can get any number of questions answered in minutes, as opposed to scrolling through website pages or sitting on holds. If the bot can’t answer a question, then the customer can be connected with a customer service representative. 

Lower the Wait Times for Your Customers

The only thing worse than someone not being able to answer your question is sitting on hold forever. With CCaaS technologies, a customer service rep can answer emails, respond to social media messages, message via a chat, and be on the phone. This means that as customers choose which type of communication suits them best, they also have an agent who can be attentive to them at a faster rate. 

Improve Quality Control

Technologies like data dips into ordering systems, screen pops, custom chat/e-mail/SMS templates and time stamped omni-channel interactions all allow customer service representatives to be better informed and improve the customer experience. Time stamps mean that if a new rep has to take over a chat, they can pick up exactly where the other rep left off, leaving the customer with a seamless experience. Some AI technologies can measure keywords or voice inflection, allowing unhappy customers to get routed to more senior reps, who have the skill to shift the interaction to a more positive outcome. Quality management services and customer surveys also allow your customers the opportunity to help you improve the customer experience. 

At the end of the day, happy customers both buy more of your stuff and tell other people how happy you make them. To find out more about CCaaS, contact us today, or take our CCaaS quiz to find out which technology is right for you.