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7 Ways to Help Your Information Secure

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t just upended our social lives and the way we work, but the way we transfer information. Instead of just going to your accountant’s office to sign papers, they might send you documents electronically. You might send information to coworkers over email. Data breaches have become their own pandemic.This means that many…

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4 Tips to Secure WFH Employees

ProfitComm is based in Baltimore, and in November, data security hit close to home. The Baltimore County Public School system was hit with a ransomware attack. With remote learning in place, the attackers locked teachers and students out. They are hardly alone when it comes to cybersecurity attacks. In 2019, the FBI received “467,361 complaints…

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ProfitComm’s Covid-19 Rapid Response

Under normal circumstances we help businesses evaluate, deploy and manage dozens of different technology services from over 100 vendors.  Recent stay-at-home and social distancing orders have created an environment where companies are focusing on three very distinct items: cost cutting, security, and collaboration. As an expert in the technology services field, ProfitComm can help. Why are cost cutting,…

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