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ProfitComm’s RFP Alternative is changing the way businesses evaluate technologies and vendors, saving time and money. Technology has changed rapidly over the last 30+ years but the way we evaluate technologies and the vendors that supply those services hasn’t. Until now. The RFP Alternative eliminates the long, slow, and sometimes fruitless RFP process. Businesses have historically believed that the traditional RFP was the best way to evaluate new technologies or vendors. Companies spend months putting together the criteria to put the bid out. Then, they take months to sort through thousands of pages of responses to determine which vendors meet their criteria.  The burden of the entire process rests on the company doing the RFP.  Everyone hates RFPs but they have been seen as a necessary evil to getting the best results.

With ProfitComm’s RFP Alternative, you get better results in half the time and at a fraction of the cost of managing an RFP yourself.

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ProfitComm’s RFP Alternative:

  • Includes key questions already formulated across multiple technologies to help your team quickly build a needs analysis
  • Engages only those vendors who have been pre-qualified to meet your needs before engaging them to the bid process
  • Maps out strategic outcomes without sales pitches using independent engineering resources and cutting edge technology
  • Drives costs down as vendors are ethically pitted against one another, rather than blindly guessing at price points
  • Completes the entire process done for you rather than your team having to manage the process

Before you start working on your next technology RFP, let ProfitComm show you how our RFP Alternative evaluation process will produce better results and save you time and money in the process.

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